Understanding the What & Why of A Transformative HR Strategy

In 2020, our world changed forever. From maintaining office hours to setting up home offices, from social gatherings to social distancing, from interaction to isolation, Covid-19 has changed the way we understand and embrace life. Work is no exception.

With the rise of the pandemic, company culture has evolved. People are working from homes and undergoing emotional upheaval. They feel disconnected from work and what it means to them. As employees grow accustomed to this new normal, organizations are increasingly resorting to ‘employee experience’ as a key solution to boosting morale & productivity.

So what is Employee Experience? Future Workplace defines employee experience as ‘the sum of all experiences an employee has with their employer over the duration of their relationship – from recruitment, to on-boarding and career development, to exiting the organization’. In other words, it is a culmination of all the experiences across the employee life cycle in a company.

Why is Employee Experience garnering attention now? As companies continue to mandate work-from-home policies, this strategy offers creative solutions to maintain the link between the employer and employee. According to the 2020 HR Sentiment Survey conducted by Future Workplace, Employee Experience ranked first among HR functions expected to change; with 50% of business leaders and HR managers believing that they should be focusing more on this aspect. Topics of much discussion, such as Technology and Performance Management, ranked second and third in the survey. This shows the impact that Employee Experience has had since the beginning of the pandemic.

While companies continue to understand what employee experience means to them, it has become clear that employee welfare should be a deciding factor for future-forward companies. What employee experience strategies do you have in place? Are you looking for solutions to keep your employees happy & engaged? Contact us to explore new dimensions in this interesting new development, and to stay ahead of the curve in employee experience.

About OneStopMarketing:

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